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What is interesting, ethical and artisan food?

Artisan food producer

The focus of Food With A Story is on artisan ‘story food’ especially where the food is produced in an ethical way. We aim to tell the story behind the food such as how it is grown or manufactured and the benefits to the consumer of purchasing and consuming the food. We do this by allowing growers, manufacturers and retailers to ‘tell their story’ via text, photos and video clips giving as much information as possible to enable the consumer to make an educated decision about the food they purchase.

Our aim is to promote ‘ethical’ food. We define ethical food that is grown or manufactured in a way that is kind to the environment and kind to the workers so that it supports long term sustainability and improves the lives of those involved. For example, ethical food includes organic food and fair trade food and we’ve made it easy for consumers using the web site to find foods certified as such.

So what is artisan food? While not easy to define, we consider it food from artisan producers who are masters at their craft, who understand the raw materials with which they work. Ideally they would know the source of their materials and all the positive and negative attributes of working with / farming the particular food. Along with having a scientific understanding of what makes the process that they are engaged in successful they would also understand the history of the process. An ethical artisan producer would also understand the impact of their production on people and the environment.

As part of our service we aim to profile a certain number of the listings on our web site each year to bring you an indepth story about the business.

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