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Green Guerrillas

Green Guerrillas is a social enterprise that provides a practical working model of sustainability. We hold workshops and courses, host learning lunches, and sell our organic compost, vermicast, seedling mix and potting soil, encouraging anyone to start growing.

Kommetjie, Cape Town, Western Cape

Where you can find it

Contact us to inquire furthers. You can attend a course, book a Learning Lunch, employ us to help you design your homestead and purchase vegetable garden inputs. +27 785 6817. Visit our website for more details:

Website    Phone +27 21 785 6817   Email

Story by Green Guerillas

Pushing the boundaries of urban sustainability

The General and the Green Guerrillas are here to push the boundaries of sustainability. We're practical idealists whose visions for a better life for all come into reality on our farm and in our way of doing business. Akim Riemer, the general of the Green Guerrillas has been perfecting his Urban Homestead model for four years. We use biodynamic princplies to combine edibe plant production with animal husbandry and waste stabilisation (converting waste into fuel) into a practical application. 

We raise our own animals, ethically and naturally, according to the principles of five freedoms. Rather than send these animals off to a slaughterhouse we slaughter them ourselves, for our own consumption. This is the most humane life they could have. You can read more about that on our blog. We also grow two tons of potatoes in drought conditions. 

Teaching others to do the same

We aim to inspire children to turn pavements into edible gardens, and give them the tools to do so. We are about taking what you have to create what you need. We are about sustainability on a shoe-string-budget.

We are in the business of knoweldge, of empowering others to grow food like us, and run a series of courses to that effect. But, we always say, sustainability isn't for  free. Sustainabile models have to be financially viable, they have to provide an income for those involved. We have a three-year running programme at Fish Hoek Primary School, inspiring the entire school to grow their own food. We take grades R to 7 each term, introducing them to soil and growing. We offer shorter programmes for schools in and around Cape Town. We are about to launch a soil university, where school children can come and learn in-depth about soil on our farm. 


Note: Food With A Story has been in contact with Green Guerillas but has not visited this farm to verify the facts. 

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Learning Lunch

from Green Guerrillas

Join us on a slow food tour, pick your own vegetables and enjoy a three course lunch on our Urban Farm.

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