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Cheese Gourmet

From toys to cheese. Jo and Brian Dick made the shift and ignited a life long passion for food. They now sell over 140 different cheeses from forty five South African farms.

Linden, Johannesburg, Gauteng

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Story by Astra Zittlau

Who would have thought that a small start in selling toys would lead to an award winning gourmet cheese shop in Linden.  Jo and Brian Dick’s story is just that. Twenty years ago, someone approached their toy stall at Irene Market asking if they were interested in selling cheese.  They were, and their passion for cheese was ignited. They now sell over 140 different cheeses (including Pepe Chalot and Gourmet Greek) from forty five South African farms, as well as delicious accompaniments such as olives, jams, konfyt, pickles and, my personal favorite, Richard Bosman’s cured meats, from their store and cafe in Linden.

They’re also members of Slow Food, which has taken them to the birthplace of the movement (that encourages a return to food crafts), Trentino, Italy. There they toured small food producers and got to experience the “community centered around food”. This experience inspired their store, which is filled with “Eat Me” and “Taste Me” signs as well as a community stand where people from the local neighbourhood can sell their wares.

It’s easy to see Jo and Brian’s passion for artisan food in South Africa - most of their 140 cheeses are local (many award-winning), and they even sell a range of meats including super tasty, sought-after Dargle Pork, Croft Chickens and PJ’s Sausage.  

Customers can also share a cup of coffee and light meal at their in-store coffee shop.  Breakfast is served all day - so be sure to try their amazing Salmon Frittata.   It’s no surprise they won the EAT OUT Magazines’ Best Outlet in the North award.

Jo and Brian Dick, at your service... They're a bounty of knowledge on cheese and food


Cheese Gourmet stocks over 140 top cheeses as well as pickles, olives, and even "slow" meat


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