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The 2 Fat Butchers

“A passion and appetite for meat” is Andrew and Craig Broughton’s motto. These two Port Elizabeth born, Lancashire raised brothers have been steadily gaining fame as The 2 Fat Butchers. Their Leicestershire Pork Pies are devoured all around South Africa.

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Story by Astra Zittlau

“A passion and appetite for meat” is the motto of brothers Andrew and Craig Broughton.  These two Port Elizabeth born, Lancashire raised butchers have been steadily gaining fame as The 2 Fat Butchers.  Their Leicestershire Pork Pies, with sales over 150 a day, are sought after all around South Africa.

Leaving school at just 15, Andrew trained for seven years as a master butcher at the world renowned Butchery College in Smithfield, London.  Craig worked in the meat industry too, focused on fish and poultry. When Andrew sought change, he and his family decided to return to South Africa, and moved here in 2004. Craig visited for the festival atmosphere of the 2010 FIFA World Cup – and never left.  

But Andrew was disheartened by the practices in the meat industry, including the injection of poultry, and together with Craig, he decided to make change. In 2011, they opened up 2 Fat Butchers, and have never looked back.  The concept is simple; sell traceable meat that has been raised by hand, grass fed, and carefully crafted into products.  Their meat is sourced locally wherever possible, and includes Karoo lamb, free range pork and "the best tasting" free range chicken from a farm in George.  Being a chicken specialist in the United Kingdom, led Andrew to be extremely choosy when sourcing chickens. They need to be “chicken, as chicken should be” instead of the mass produced, brine-injected chicken we see today in most supermarkets.

Sausage lovers are always in for a treat when visiting 2 Fat Butchers, they have over 500 recipes – and each week, they have ten different flavours of sausage to choose from.  But it’s 2 Fat Brother’s Leicestershire Pork Pies that really have people raving. Leicestershire Pork Pies came about as a byproduct of Stilton Cheese.  The farmers used the whey to feed the pigs.  Andrew and Craig have perfected their recipe.  The secret?  It’s a two day process, which includes hand raised pork, hot water crust pastry made on wooden dollies, and an intricate layer of jelly inside the pie.


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