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Easy Living Food - raw food recipes

Several years in the making, this raw food recipe book is designed to live in your kitchen and really make a difference to the way you and your family eat on a daily basis.


An honest recipe book

Noel and Natalie of Earthshine raw pizza fame, recently released a raw food recipe book, Easy Living Food. Crammed with simply beautiful images of food, produce, friends and family, the book reads almost like a personal food journal encapsulating Noel and Natalie’s own journey to health. It gives the reader a glimpse into the raw foodies’ lives: how they shifted from unhealthy eating to a diet rich in raw foods, and the fun they’ve had exploring ways of eating raw and inspiring others to do the same. It’s an honest recipe book, a pleasure to read, and a visual feast.

Having taught raw food preparation classes (can’t really call these ‘cooking’ classes can we?) for many years, Noel and Natalie have had an extensive opportunity to explore what people want and need from a raw recipe book, and to carefully try and test the recipes they’re sharing.

What’s inside?

The book simply and effectively describes the various tenets of the raw food diet: from the different types of food one can choose, including replacements for old favourites, to the tools required and the processes that are undertaken, like activating and sprouting, to name a few.

But Noel and Natalie have taken pains to make the recipes accessible - more than half of the 200 recipes don’t require specialised equipment, a factor that often acts as an obstacle when people are considering a ‘more raw’ diet. They’ve also managed to make the shift to raw seem less intimidating - they advocate a gentle process of including more raw into your diet: start slowly and do what feels right, even if it’s just a few smoothies and raw desserts.

Why go raw?

The value of eating a diet high in raw foods is simple. When food is cooked (and more often overcooked) many of the nutrients can be destroyed, and worse, toxins can be formed. Especially important is the loss of enzymes, which help your body to effectively digest and absorb food into your system. Raw food, that is food that is not heated over about 42 degrees (the temperature at which enzymes become inactive), retains the maximum healthful qualities. While there are arguments on both sides of the fence (to cook, or not to cook), eating a balanced raw diet can be therapeutic, and by including around 70% raw food in your diet, you can noticably improve your energy levels, and eliminate some health problems.

Content to crave

The highlight of Easy Living Food, for me, is certainly the smoothie chapter. Sixteen different recipes: including heavenly sounding ones like the ‘strawberry, coconut and date smoothie’, and the ‘cacao, mesquite and hazelnut smoothie’. Then there’s the section on milks and creams, followed by just about every other course you can imagine (even pastas, breads and 'cheese'!).

If you want to make a foray into raw foodism, but aren’t keen to give up your cooked food just yet, I’d recommend starting with the desserts and sweet snack section. This is where raw food, in my opinion, really wins out. All the recipes are decadently satisfying, and guilt-free! Natalie’s sweet tooth has seemingly guided her to develop the most delicious sweet treats - I’ve tried a number of these at various raw food events, and they’re shockingly good. Truly an eye-opener for the skeptic who thinks that a raw diet is one of sacrifice. It’s definitely the chapter of the book I’m going to give attention to first. That and the smoothies. I do love smoothies.

You can buy Easy Living Food on the website.

Raw minty cacao tart - delicious, decadent and healthy! A win win win...


Walnut bread! Yes, it's raw, and gluten free.


Raw food is great for kids too. Easy Living Food provides delicious recipes for getting healthful food into your children.


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