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Terra Madre SA

Gillian O’Shea started Terra Madre SA because she was frustrated with not being able to purchase clean food. She now delivers organic produce and free range hormone free meat in Gauteng weekly.


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Story by Green Times

Gillian O’Shea started Terra Madre SA in October 2012 because she was frustrated with not being able to purchase clean food. “As a Specialised Kinesiologist, I was also learning more and more the about the impact of our bad diet on our health, never mind the impact of our farming methods on the planet.”

It’s my opinion that consumers and large retailers are also at fault because they want the best looking produce at the lowest rates so the farmers are forced to resort to the current ways in which they farm for high yield at lowest cost. Terra Madre SA caters for the consumer that is after good quality, clean food which has been farmed sustainably. “Something to think about – if insects don’t want to take a bite out of a fruit or vegetable, then maybe you shouldn’t either.”

“We form part of a collective of permaculture and organic growers in Gauteng.” Terra Madre SA supplies customers in Gauteng with a selection of seasonal, locally grown vegetables and fruit, as well as other items like raw cow and goat’s milk, cheeses, and free range, hormone free meat.

“People wanting to purchase our products can subscribe to our mailing list or get the weekly updated lists from our website. We deliver every Thursday and Friday.”

Gillian goes on to say, “Our growers don’t use harmful pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers. Your veg is picked the day before so it does not hang around in brightly lit display fridges wrapped in plastic packaging, nor is it transported back and forth to central distribution facilities, adding to our carbon footprint problem.  Our meat is all free range and we do not feed our animals’ hormones or animal by-products.”

About Terra Madre SA

We love the earth! We want to eat clean & healthy food. We aim to live consciously, follow sustainable practices and contribute to our wonderful country and more specifically, our wonderful province, Gauteng.

How do we do this?

  • By sourcing and supplying only healthy, organic, free-range, hormone-free, non GM produce to people in Gauteng
  • We commit to only buy produce within 200km of Gauteng and support local organic farmers (carbon foot print management and slow food principles)
  • By educating South Africans on sustainable living and healthy eating we hope to assist in a healthier country
  • Permaculture garden design - food gardens

By purchasing our products and supporting us, you won’t only be eating healthier, you will be contributing to a healthier Gauteng and the uplifting of entrepreneurs and urban ‘natural’ farmers.

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Organic vegetables

from Terra Madre SA

Every week we send out a list of whats fresh and available from our organic growers for that week

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