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Braeside Meat Market

Caroline McCann started as a lawyer but has become a passionate promoter of ethically raised meat, through her butchery, Braeside Meat Market in Parkhurst, Johannesburg.

Parkhurst, Johannesburg, Gauteng

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Lawyer turns butcher


Caroline McCann is a trained lawyer. She spent seven years practicing law and running a labour consultancy. But the work didn’t satisfy her and consumed all her time, and Caroline eventually became burnt out. She realised she needed a change. But what?

Incidentally, Caroline’s aunt owned a butchery in Parkhurst, Johannesburg. When she decided to leave South Africa, she offered to sell the butchery to Caroline who was looking for a new challenge. Caroline accepted, and her life was changed. “I went from selling hours, to selling kilograms!” says Caroline.

Meat shouldn’t be all the same

At first Braeside Meat Market was just your ordinary butchery. A trip to the UK to visit her aunt, resulted in Caroline perusing a number of butcheries there. “The meat in each was so different,” Caroline muses, “and they all gave so much detail about their products - the farmer, the cattle, and so on. I couldn’t do that, and it also got me thinking - why is my meat just like everyone elses?”

Caroline’s mind began ticking over. Why are most beef cattle fed grain when they’re meant to eat grass? Caroline did some research and found that 95% of the beef cattle in South Africa are fed grain. The cattle raising process takes the animals from the breeders, to the weaners, and straight into the feedlots. “The feedlot conditions are not healthy,” says Caroline. “The animals’ movement is restricted. They’re fed all sorts of grain, and this makes them really sick, and in need of antibiotics and supplements. I decided never to buy grain fed beef for my butchery again.”

Grass fed beef superior to grain fed

Caroline also found that grass fed beef is a far superior product to feedlot beef, and not only in taste. Grass fed beef has a higher healthy fat content (omega 3, 6 and 9 oils), and in the healthy ratio. She now sources her beef from farmer Vaughn Skeed in Mooiriver in the Midlands, who calls himself a grass farmer (much the same as Angus from Spier Biodynamic) whose byproduct is beef. Caroline profiles a few of her suppliers on her website for her customers’ interest.

Passionate promoter of ethical meat

Caroline has become passionate about promoting ethically-raised meat. To her credit, she pays a premium to her farmers, but makes an effort to charge no more from her customers than they would pay at another butchery. She also holds educational dinners once a month which she calls “Beef Appreciation” evenings. These are often held at Gourmet Gurus in Kyalami, who are also her dedicated customers.

Some of Braeside Meat Market’s products:

  • Beef and lamb - from Mooiriver.
  • Free range, organic chickens - from Chartwell
  • Free range Pork - from Randfontein
  • Venison - from professional hunters
  • Free range eggs
  • Honey

The team at Braeside Meat Market


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