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Gourmet Gurus & The Farm Stall

Gourmet Gurus restaurant and The Farm Stall are a very eco-conscious set up that focuses on local, organic, free range goods. They make and grow most of their products and ingredients on site, and use eco-building concepts too!

Midrand, Gauteng

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Story by Deni Archer

Chef decides to “break the mould”


When chef Richard Rust heard about The Farm Stall’s restaurant closing he decided to take a chance and proposed taking over the restaurant from the owners. “I live in the Midrand and had noticed how similar all the local restaurants were,” says Richard. “I loved the ecological ethos of The Farm Stall and wanted to break the mould a little.”

A restaurant with its own ecosystem

The Farm Stall and Gourmet Gurus certainly does break the mould. Teresa has always been self-sufficient and utilises the plot to grow all her own vegetables plus a load of surplus that Richard uses in the restaurant, and they sell in the farm stall. They’ve built extensions using cob building, combining non-decomposable rubbish and natural plaster. The doors and tables are all made from cable drums, and the windows are salvaged from a derelict hospitable in Benoni. Furthermore, they use bio-energy from their organic waste to heat the water cylinder, and all grey water is recycled for irrigation.

Locavore and homemade

Both the restaurant run by Richard, and the farm stall run by Teresa use only local, fresh, in-season produce. The beef is from grass-fed cattle, the chickens and ducks organic, the dairy is from their own cows, and Teresa makes all the cheeses and butter herself. She also makes the preserves, ginger beer and rhubarb beer, and the eggs come from the open-ranging chickens on the plot! To supplement this, they buy in produce from local home industries. Most of the meat is supplied by Braeside Butchery - known for its conscious sourcing of ethical products.

Give and take

The team have big plans for the property which they believe “gives us energy”. Richard adds: “I just love the idea of the full ecosystem here, where everyone works closely together in a community that also looks after the environment.”

Things to know:

- Gourmet Gurus is now offering demonstrations,cooking classes and chef’s tables.

- From Thursday to Saturday night they do a supper club.

- Daily offers include breakfast, morning tea, high teas, lunches.

- Farmstall foods include:

  • Homemade super foods like Kefir drink and Kimchi
  • Pickled vegetables free of sugar and vinegar
  • Handmade ginger beer and rhubarb drink
  • Raw honey from Deon’s in the Central Drakensberg
  • Free range Duck from Shongweni farm in Natal
  • Free Range chicken from Oom Dawie’s farm Heidelberg
  • Selection of meat from Braeside Butchery
  • They host events like parties, weddings, corporate events for up to 40 guests. No venue hire.

Situated on the corner of main road and ash road, in Kyalami close to the North Rand Animal Clinic.

About Richard: Richard trained as a pastry chef in the UK at Russacks Hotel where he “cooked for British Royalty”. He then held several prestigious Head Chef positions in the UK before moving to Gauteng to work as the regional TASTE Chef Manager for Woolworths. He has appeared on TV and radio, and cooked with many local and international celeb chefs like Ainsley Harriot and The Giggling Gourmet.


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Set in a tranquil garden, the buildings are partially cob architecture made from non decomposable rubbish and earth


Chef Richard Rust has an impressive CV and loves the freshest, local, seasonal produce


Some of the home grown and home made goodies you can get at The Farm Stall


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