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Wensleydale Organics

Wensleydale is more than a certified organic farm. It was started by one of the pioneers of organic food in South Africa, and now acts as a distribution centre for fresh and dry goods across SA.

Johannesburg, Gauteng

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Early champions of SA’s organic movement


Sue Jackson has always grown her own vegetables, wherever she lived. She married a farmer,Tim Jackson, and this expanded to include chickens - all organically raised. Tim, who was involved in the early organic movement in South Africa, then began teaching interested people about organic farming and composting in the early nineties.

Instrumental in developing our first organic certification

In 1996 they moved to Wensleydale Farm, just 45 kilometres north-west of Johannesburg. They farmed this entirely organically, and began supplying Pick n Pay with their produce in 1996. Many of Tim’s students who were farming organically supplied Sue’s packhouse. This trend has only grown and today Sue gets organic products from around the country and distributes produce for over 80 organic farmers across SA. She also imports other dry goods where necessary. Everything is certified organic, and Wensleydale Farm itself has been so since 2001. To add another feather to Tim’s cap, he was instrumental in setting up the first South African certifying company, Safeco.

Wensleydale now services over 60 Pick n Pays in Gauteng, as well as Checkers stores, health shops, and their own stall at Bryanston Organic market. They also distribute around the country.

If you live in the Gauteng area, you can benefit from Wensleydale’s organic box scheme which runs three times a week. Otherwise, you’ll have to be satisfied with ordering their dry goods online - they deliver around the country.

Sue pointing out some recent hail damage to the crops


Vegetables being prepared for the mixed box deliveries


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