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How Food With A Story works

Food With A Story is for consumers who are interested in interesting, ethical and artisan food and also for farmers, manufacturers and retailers to list their products and services (Read more about us).

Do you run a farm, factory, retail outlet or other food business? Details for growers, manufacturers and retailers

I'm a consumer - how does Food With A Story work for me?

As a consumer you can use Food With A Story to find interesting, ethical or artisan food in your area. You can browse and search for food products you are interested in and then view detailed information on why they are interesting, ethical.

Browse the listings to find food products and services that are of interest to you.

Your feedback is valuable and we encourage you to post comments and questions on the businesses and listings.

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Profiled listings

The team at Food With A Story profile a certain number of the products and services listing on the web site. Businesses can request that their story is profiled. When a business has had been profiled by us this is clearly marked on their listings with an icon. When we profile a business we visit their premises, take photos and produce a number of video clips.

More about the profiling process

Discussion forum

We encourage you to get involved in our online forum discussing interesting, ethical and artisan food. Ask questions or share your knowledge and experiences with other people.

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I'm a grower, manufacturer or retailer - how does Food With A Story work for me?

As a business offering food products or services that are interesting, ethical or artisan food you can use Food With A Story to connect with consumers interested in your offerings.

You can upload photos, videos and text to descripe your offering. We encourage you to give as much detail as possible as consumers use Food With A Story to make informed desicions about their purchases.

By listing on Food With A Story you get a link back to your own web site which helps with your Google/Search Engine rankings and gives your business greater web exposure.

The profiling process

Profiled listings are show at the top of any search results which gives them a distinct advantage over non-profiled listings.

You can request that your products and services are profiled - when your business has had been profiled this is clearly marked on your listings with a prominent icon.

More about the profiling process

Options for listing

There are a number of ways you can get listed. Firstly, you can either do it yourself or get us to do it for you.

We have a number of very cost effective packages if you want Food With A Story to manage the entire process for you. This can involve an onsite visit to shoot videos, take photos and write text about your offerings. When you get us to list on your behalf, your listing is marked as profiled and appears above the other listings.

Want help? - Get Food With A Story to do the work for you

If you'd like us to help out with listing your business, have a look at our packages page or contact us to find out more.

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Do it yourself - list your business now

It's quick and easy to get your business set up:

  1. Create an account (or if you already have an account log on)
  2. List your business details
  3. List your products and services (You need to list your business first)

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