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Find interesting, ethical and artisan food products and services

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Image for 'Calorie Conscious'

Calorie Conscious

Fourways, Johannesburg, Gauteng

Calorie Conscious is a business that has tasked itself with the doing the hard work for busy people who don’t want to spend the time required to ensure they are eating a balanced, healthy low-fat diet.


Image for 'Market on Main'

Market on Main

Johannesburg, Gauteng

Market On Main is "made for the people of Joburg by the people of Joburg". Stallholders are Gauteng based food producers and designers. Located at Arts On Main.


Image for 'Swissland Goat's Cheese Farm'

Swissland Goat's Cheese Farm

Balgowan, KwaZulu-Natal

Now an institution in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, Swissland Farm was established in 1992 by farmer Fran Isaac. Now with a herd of 70 goats the farm provides a goat and cheese experience that people flock to.


Image for 'Mrs Bread Care - gluten-free breads'

Mrs Bread Care - gluten-free breads

Johannesburg, Gauteng

It's not easy to find high quality breads that are allergy-free. Or so we thought. Mrs Bread Care (Dalia) has made it her life mission to provide this for people. And she is succeeding.


Image for 'The Calabash Trust - school food gardens'

The Calabash Trust - school food gardens

Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

The Calabash Trust is a community development organisation in Port Elizabeth. Focusing on building schools as the centre of the community, they have a strong focus on food gardens.


Image for 'Aquav - Spring water in returnable glass bottles'

Aquav - Spring water in returnable glass bottles

Cape Town, Western Cape

Aquav is the first company in South Africa to provide mineral water in returnable glass bottles. The eco-chic bottles are beautifully designed and durable enough to be returned, sterilised and then re-filled.


Image for 'Speckled Hen Free Range Eggs: Highveld farm'

Speckled Hen Free Range Eggs: Highveld farm

Dargle, KwaZulu-Natal

Highveld free range egg farm is located in the beautiful Dargle region of the Midlands. They're sold under the brand of Speckled Hen Free Range Eggs.


Image for 'Dargle Ducks'

Dargle Ducks

Dargle, KwaZulu-Natal

Dargle Ducks is a very young and brave venture from the Midlands, KZN. Dean and Serene have created a duck heaven for their open range ducks, which won the Best Small Producer: Paddock award in the Eat In DSTV awards this year.


Image for 'Addo's White House and goat farm'

Addo's White House and goat farm

Addo, Eastern Cape

Businessman Roger Beadon woke up one day and decided to move to the country. He now runs Addo's White House, a guest lodge and goat farm, and produces goats' cheese, soap, and chilli sauce, amongst other things.


Image for 'Hope Meat Supplies'

Hope Meat Supplies

Durban/Greater Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

Hope Meats are a husband and wife team passionate about supplying top quality meat to individuals who care about the humane treatment of animals and traceability of their food. The meat products are "as close to organic as possible".


Image for 'Broadleaze Organic Farm'

Broadleaze Organic Farm

Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal

Nora Choveaux and Rob Symons are two passionate environmentalists whose love for nature and food have converged in the form of an organic farm in Pietermaritzburg. They sell organic herbs and organic salads at no extra cost in retail stores.


Image for 'Wayfarer Trout'

Wayfarer Trout

Dargle, KwaZulu-Natal

Wayfarer Trout Farm is a stunning spot in Dargle, Midlands of KZN. They raise trout and cold smoke them on the farm. Andre and Sue are the ex-Joburger farmers who have "down-sized" to the country.


Image for 'Urban Harvest - Port Elizabeth'

Urban Harvest - Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

Jakkie and Susan Botha run the Port Elizabeth arm of Cape Town based Urban Harvest - a business offering a vegetable gardening / design service for your home.


Image for 'The Mushroom Factory'

The Mushroom Factory

Johannesburg, Gauteng

Carla and Quentin are making mushroom growing fun with The Mushroom Factory growing kits. They've developed kits for oyster, shiitake, portabella and button mushrooms.


Image for 'The Passionate Pomegranate Co'

The Passionate Pomegranate Co

Swellendam, Western Cape

The Passionate Pomegranate Co are trying to do for the humble pomegranate what others have done for cheese and wine in South Africa


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