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Image for 'A tiny town of tremendous spirit - Prince Albert'

A tiny town of tremendous spirit - Prince Albert

Posted on 21 March 2012

We knew Prince Albert was going to wow us with its food stories. Just how much though, we could not have imagined. Not only did the food impress us, but the people too. We'll definitely be back.


Image for 'Real Food Tripping - The long road to Bulungula'

Real Food Tripping - The long road to Bulungula

Posted on 19 March 2012

Sometimes something that should be quite simple turns into a challenge. And these challenges usually teach us something valuable. In our case, paradise came with a price, that made us think...


Image for 'Big spaces, small communities - Citrusdal on The Real Food Trip'

Big spaces, small communities - Citrusdal on The Real Food Trip

Posted on 09 March 2012

Despite vast spaces separating many of the farms in the Citrusdal area, there is a strong sense of community, and people determined to ensure this grows.


Image for 'Things to know about seafood in Paternoster'

Things to know about seafood in Paternoster

Posted on 29 February 2012

Seafood is great, and if you're visiting the west coast, you'll probably be into getting hold of some. But there are some things you do need to be aware of. Here they are...


Image for 'Gathering wild food on the West coast'

Gathering wild food on the West coast

Posted on 29 February 2012

In our first blog on the west coast, we described how dry and desolate it is the summer. A transformation happens sometime between June and July, turning the farmed landscapes bright green and yellow, and bringing a flourish one would not expect of the desiccated summer terrain.


Image for 'West coast wonders - part one of The Real Food Trip'

West coast wonders - part one of The Real Food Trip

Posted on 24 February 2012

Part one of The Real Food Trip takes us to Paternoster and surrounds. We meet the local fishing community, and learn about their lives, and how they cook their harder.


Image for 'Get seafood savvy with SASSI'

Get seafood savvy with SASSI

Posted on 07 February 2012

Green, orange and red. If you’re into seafood, this may mean more to you than mere traffic symbols. But maybe you haven’t quite got what the seafood sustainability rating means. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that green gives you the go ahead to happily guzzle away (for now anyway), but just how guilty should you feel if you go for an orange, and why are some fish red?


Image for 'Small farms answer to food security'

Small farms answer to food security

Posted on 22 December 2011

De Schutter challenges the widely held view that food production needs to be scaled up to feed a growing population, saying that such a strategy overlooks climate change as well as how food is produced, by whom and for whom.


Image for 'Dion Chang predicts the rise of the artisan eater'

Dion Chang predicts the rise of the artisan eater

Posted on 21 December 2011

2011 saw the emergence of the artisan eaters – the new ‘foodies’ who are interested in consuming local, hand-made products bought at small-scale urban markets.


Image for 'Top international restaurant trends for 2012'

Top international restaurant trends for 2012

Posted on 13 December 2011

In a survey of nearly 1,800 chefs who belong to the American Culinary Federation, conducted from October–November 2011 by the National Restaurant Association, locally sourced meats and seafood was the top trend predicted for 2012, followed by locally sourced produce.


Image for 'Urban food security in action - video'

Urban food security in action - video

Posted on 12 October 2011

The soil is a diamond: Short video about the amazing work Abalimi Bezekhaya have been instrumental in throughout the townships around Cape Town.


Image for 'Hooray for World Food Day!'

Hooray for World Food Day!

Posted on 11 October 2011

We love food. So it was sad to learn that seventy percent of households in South Africa struggle to feed themselves. In Cape Town this figure is a shocking eighty percent.


Image for 'New "Follow this business" functionality on Food With A Story'

New "Follow this business" functionality on Food With A Story

Posted on 01 September 2011

The Food With A Story team has been trying to figure out the best way of helping our amazing producers get their message out there. So we're trying out this new "follow this business" functionality...


Image for 'Like a pig out of water...'

Like a pig out of water...

Posted on 27 March 2011

National Water Week comes to a close today – an appropriate moment for a little reflection on that life-giving resource.


Image for 'Dear Me, today I found a little treasure...'

Dear Me, today I found a little treasure...

Posted on 21 March 2011

Dear Me is a wonderful new brasserie/deli in the heart of Cape Town... interesting, ethical, beautiful, and more...


Image for 'Get some Space(s)'

Get some Space(s)

Posted on 14 March 2011

A week ago we stumbled across a treasure trove in Roberston. We were on a mission to meet Hanno Schwartz from Strictly Coffee and learn about his roastery business, located at a place called Spaces. When we arrived, it seemed like any nondescript place...


Image for 'A Cheese Renaissance'

A Cheese Renaissance

Posted on 07 March 2011

A couple weeks back when we had a chat with Jane from Constantia Cheesery, she shared some interesting knowledge about the cheese industry in South Africa. We had no idea, but apparently, since 1918 until 1993, the government’s Dairy Board controlled everything to do with dairy...


Image for 'Food With A Story: A Taste'

Food With A Story: A Taste

Posted on 27 February 2011

There’s more to food than taste. In fact there’s a whole ‘behind the scenes story’ about every food item we eat, drink and use. This story is as, if not more, important than the end result arriving on your plate...


Image for 'A Food Holiday'

A Food Holiday

Posted on 31 March 2011

What if we could transport ourselves into a world of new flavours without clocking up expensive (an environmentally compromising) international flights?


Image for 'Eating to save the planet'

Eating to save the planet

Posted on 11 April 2011

What if we could eat fresh, local, great tasting food and save the environment while doing it? We hear so much in the news these days about the deteriorating state of the global environment and most of us would like to play our part in correcting this imbalance. What if, by being more conscious of the food we choose to put on our dinner plate we could make a difference to the world while also improving our own health and wellbeing?


Image for 'Get Wild in the Western Cape'

Get Wild in the Western Cape

Posted on 22 April 2011

At Food With A Story we have begun documenting the stories behind some of the amazing farms and food producers around the Western Cape in South Africa. But there’s another food tale to be told - one that is often overlooked in our busy modern lives which leaves us opting for the nearest, most convenient source of food. We’re talking about ‘wild food’: fungi, fruits, vegetables, seafood and animals that have managed to retain an existence relatively free of human interference.


Image for 'A Subversive Plot'

A Subversive Plot

Posted on 17 June 2012

A vegetable garden can do more than save you money -- it can save the world. At TEDxDirigo Roger Doiron shows how gardens can re-localize our food and feed our growing population. Roger Doiron wants everyone to plant a garden. He’s the founder of Kitchen Gardeners International, a network of home gardeners.


Image for 'Survey: Authenticity in the SA Wine Industry'

Survey: Authenticity in the SA Wine Industry

Posted on 13 August 2012

We’re conducting an online South African wine tourism consumer survey as part of a study for the Great Wines Capital Network. Help us fine-tune the Cape Winelands by participating in this survey. You stand a chance to win a Riedel “Ente” Duck decanter worth R1700. The winner will be notified on 15th September 2012.


Image for 'Misleading us on Milk?'

Misleading us on Milk?

Posted on 31 August 2012

It's essential that consumers are given accurate information about the products they buy, in order to make informed purchasing decisions.This information is conveyed by the retailer via labels and advertising. But it appears we're being mislead about our supermarket milk...


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