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Cape Town's food threatened - Help!


Activism time Cape Town!

The issue:

The Philippi Horticultural Area (PHA) is the fertile hidden jewel of Cape Town. Its farmlands have provided food for the city since the 1600’s. It is threatened now by urban sprawl. If the proposed housing development applications proceed, Cape Town would have lost its heritage, its heart and its FOOD SECURITY. This will be a design disaster of epic proportions at a time when the city is awarded the Design Capital City 2013.


The PHA feeds all of us, especially the poor!


Share this, and make a noise about it by writing letters to your council, the mayor, newspapers, blog about it etc:

  • Contact your Local Councillor
  • Contact the Mayor
  • Tel: +27 021 400 1300/01
  • Write a letter to the newspapers
  • Make a comment on facebook/twitter
  • Contact the Premier - Helen Zille
  • Write on her facebook page:
  • Send her an email:
  • E-mail:
  • E-mail:
  • Join the PHA Campaigners
  • Contact: Nazeer Sonday
  • Tel:  072 72 434 65
Read more about it:
[Photo via David Harrison, M&G]

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