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For the coffee lovers - 3 creative ways to keep coffee hot on the go


Here are some of the more creative ways to keep your coffee hot, especially for those of you who are drinking it on the go.

  1. Put a Cozy on Your Cup – Coffee shops pass out those little cardboard sleeves to keep your hands from burning after coming into contact with a thin paper cup filled with boiling brew, but they’re also handy little insulators. If you want to mimic this effect without sending more cardboard through a recycling facility, why not whip up a few of your own with felt, fabric or by knitting a functional and funky cup cozy?
  2. Wrap Your Cup in a Scarf – If you’re really in a pinch on a cold day, take your scarf and wrap it around your coffee mug or thermos to give it a little extra insulation. If you don’t have a scarf handy, you can use almost anything with layers of fabric. The more layers you have, the warmer the coffee will stay.
  3. Use a Candle Warmer – If you don’t have a hot plate handy, a candle warmer can do the trick just as well. Place the cup on the warmer, as long as the cup you’re using isn’t a plastic or synthetic material that’s prone to melting. In no time, your coffee will be warm once again. As with any open coil appliance, do not leave the candle warmer unattended. 

The way you heat your coffee will depend on how long you want it to stay warm. No matter which way you choose, your coffee can stay drinkable while you’re on the run if you’re prepared.

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